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 RE:When You are with someone

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PostSubject: RE:When You are with someone   Fri Jun 01, 2007 1:30 am

This is a post from a friend's blog.. well is not from her, just she posting from somewhere else.. find its meaningful, so post it to share Very Happy
geek geek

Some people want it to be simple, so
they stuck in the status of being
single. And it's good, by the way. In
everyway. You don't have a bound to a
particular person, you are not limited
to do things you wanna do, you don't
have to ask for permissions from your
girl/boyfriend. And it's because you
want it to be simple.

You feel that you're that free even
when your heart is with particular
someone. You still want everything that
you have, by being single. Freedom of
having lots of friends that you often
go out with, old naughty personalities,
freedom of having your time as freely
as possible.

And upon all of that, your particular
someone doesn't have the right to
complain or anything. To tell you that
it's not right. To tell you that it's
the time to settle down. To tell you
that you can't be that free.. when your
heart is with someone.

Your particular someone, who loves you,
but you want it to keep it simple by
not having status, may have been hurt
by your acts. But they just don't have
any rights to tell you that.

Because they've fallen for you, they
love you, but you act as if you're
playing games with him or her, by not
keeping your acts, your habits. Bad
ones. Ons-es. Flirtings. Games with
other women or men.

And that's when everything turns out
complicated. Then. Where are you? In-a-
relationship kind-of-status but wants
it as if you're 'single'? See that

That's what relationship means,
When you are with someone,
you are with someone. Not with somebody else.
drunken RelationShip drunken
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PostSubject: Re: RE:When You are with someone   Sun Jun 03, 2007 9:30 pm

Nice poem. And I LIKE IT! makes me Smile and Think and says "yes it's true!" Surprisedcheers
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PostSubject: Re: RE:When You are with someone   Mon Jun 04, 2007 5:54 am

why i feel nth ? seems i got no feelings but i feel warm with hun :p

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PostSubject: Re: RE:When You are with someone   

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RE:When You are with someone
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