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 Genuine Fractals PrintPro v5.0 for Adobe Photoshop

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PostSubject: Genuine Fractals PrintPro v5.0 for Adobe Photoshop   Tue May 15, 2007 9:25 am

Genuine Fractals PrintPro v5.0 for Adobe Photoshop
Digital-imaging professionals have made Genuine Fractals the preferred Plug-in solution for creating high-quality images within Photoshop. An indispensable tool for photographers, graphic artists, and digital-imaging professionals, Genuine Fractals creates resolution-independent images from any size file and provides superior print-quality enlargements without any degradation in image quality. Genuine Fractals 2.5 features an improved user interface, easier batch encoding, and increased application and platform support.

* Provides easy encoding and rendering for all RGB, multichannel, and grayscale images;
* Resolution on demand to output any file size from a single-encoded file, up to 600% without image degradation;
* Batch encode;
* Eight-bit image support

* Create multipurpose images;
* Increase the resolution and size of images without degrading the image quality;
* Supports RGB, grayscale, indexed color, duotone, and multichannel color modes;
* Increase the size of digital camera and desktop scanner output;
* Print the results on the desktop or wide-format printer or on an offset press;
* Easily repurpose images from one job to the next with guaranteed quality every time;
* Two image modes save files for the best output quality or most storage efficiency;
* [lossless] Option creates a file about half the size of the original and that can be opened exactly to its original size with absolutely no loss;
* [visually lossless] Option creates a file an average of one-fifth the original size and still produces excellent quality enlargements;
* Encodes and renders all eight-bit RGB, multichannel, and grayscale images;
* Opens both STN and FIF files and saves any Photoshop file in STN format;
* CMYK, CIE-Lab support; and
* Multichannel support (up to 16 channels).


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PostSubject: Re: Genuine Fractals PrintPro v5.0 for Adobe Photoshop   Sun May 27, 2007 12:47 am

gotta have it affraid
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Genuine Fractals PrintPro v5.0 for Adobe Photoshop
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