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 Mobile Game : S60 Nokia : Sensible Sudoku

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Mobile Game : S60 Nokia : Sensible Sudoku Empty
PostSubject: Mobile Game : S60 Nokia : Sensible Sudoku   Mobile Game : S60 Nokia : Sensible Sudoku Icon_minitimeWed May 16, 2007 4:35 am

Mobile Game : S60 Nokia : Sensible Sudoku Sensiblesudoku-movie1

Sensible Sudoku is a fun, carefully designed game that will challenge your skills in an enjoyable experience.

Sensible Sudoku includes a pleasant interface, elegant audio and enjoyable gameplay. More than just a puzzle interface, Sensible Sudoku was designed to be a compelling experience.

The audio - it's hard to explain the audio design in words - you have to try it to understand. As one of our gamers said:"Wow - did you guys create a game or a musical instrument?!..."

And at the core there's a sophisticated Sudoku engine capable of generating billions of puzzles in multiple difficulty levels.

Game Features

* Dynamic Sudoku puzzle generator: generate billions of unique Sudoku puzzles.
* Four difficulty settings: from Easy to Extreme level.
* All boards have unique solutions: all you need is logic, no guessing required.
* Includes pencil marks to allow annotations.
* Allows playing with incorrect numbers (harder) or without incorrect numbers (more fun).
* Includes an option to check for incorrect numbers and undo them.
* Includes help system with cell, area and full hints as well as pencil-all.
* Auto Save/Restore game: peacefully play a puzzle as you go, when you can.
* Can be played with the stylus or cursor/joystick: optimized for one-hand use.
* Windows Mobile square-screen aware: includes a special interface designed for square devices. Also compatible with VGA devices.
* Elegant audio effects designed for a pleasant experience.
* Secure online ordering and Free lifetime software upgrades.


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Mobile Game : S60 Nokia : Sensible Sudoku
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