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 clik lil addons how it Works

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PostSubject: clik lil addons how it Works   clik lil addons how it Works Icon_minitimeWed May 30, 2007 6:32 pm

for those who donnu how to load addons are 2 ways :

1- to copy the code and go to mirc and press Alt+R to open remote window and past it there ....

2- to copy in folder and name it as u want example clik.txt
copy the folder in ur irc directory .... then jump to ur mirc and type
/Load -rs foldername.txt or .mrc or ....... depends on what extnsion u use

and voilaaa i guess is simple :p

clik lil addons how it Works Gifs-5
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clik lil addons how it Works
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